Monday, July 10, 2006

Swing Kids

I don't know how this movie came into my head because it's been years and years and years since I've seen it last, but I started talking about it over the weekend, and now I'm just desperate to see it again. I love it so much. I remember one time (probably the last time) we watched it in high school for one of my classes, and I'm pretty sure I just started bawling during the film. Hardly surprising if you know me at all though. Anyway, thought I'd share that with you. Oh god. I just checked, and it came out in 1993. If my maths is correct, that's 13 years ago. How did we all get to be so old? (Ooh, here's a good way to segue into the fact that my birthday is this month. Except I'm not that old)(but it's on the 23rd)

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  1. Hey I've wanted to see this movie for years! I borrowed it off a friend and the video didn't work, then I caught the last ten mins on TV once but it hasn't been on in the six years snice. If you get a copy let me know as so many people have told me how good it is.

    p.s your not even near old yet!


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