Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Little of this..

Lots to write about, but I just don't have the time or the energy to break them into different posts.

First, Elliot is ill :( he's got something in his lungs and is on antibiotics. I feel so bad for him, it's very difficult to see my usually always happy baby Boy suffering. Luckily last night he managed a good night's sleep. I hope he feels better soon :(

Second, Birthdays. It was both my parents's birthdays in early October. I had a nice long chat with my dad in America on his birthday, but I chickened out of phoning my mom. I wonder when I'll have the strength. But also Baby Boy's FIRST birthday is coming along in November - I'd love to hear everyone's first birthday stories!

Third, my husband and I (but mostly him) painted the Boy's room over the last few days - two shades of blue (were you hoping for pictures? sorry, the camera is STILL downstairs and I'm STILL too lazy) and again I'm getting curious on your decorating tips...

Fourth, there must have been more, right? Am off to study for an exam, wish me luck!


  1. I hope your son feels better soon. I've been holding my breath with these kids. It seems as though they're due for something. I know that sounds bad but I know it's the season.

    Happy Birthday to your parents and in case I forget, happy early birthday to your son. I have no stories to share on 1st birthdays because nothing special was done. Is that bad? I just figure they don't know about birthdays yet so we just got presents for them. We plan on doing a little get together for Christopher's 3rd birthday in February but as to what, I am not sure.

    Good Luck on your exam!

  2. I hope your little one feels better soon . Good luck on your exam!

  3. Happy belated birthdays to all, and I hope the wee one is feeling better.

  4. I hope Elliot Feel better spoon! I hate when babies are sick they look sooooo upset.

    Good luck for the exam :-)

    First birthday, alas I don't remember but we have pics of me me look adoringly at cake...explains a lot.


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