Friday, October 20, 2006

Five by Five*

I've been tagged by the lovely Shadowfalcon to do this Five thing...

Five Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire: (after the normal stuff, charity and helping my folks)
- Travel. I want to see everywhere. But at some point I would like to go back to Alaska and buy Tlingit blankets (either the button ones or the Chilkat ones, both preferably)
- Buy myself a car so I don't feel stuck in the house
- Hunt down the missing books in my Robert Sabuda collection (I will find you Disney ABCs)
- Do up the bathrooms and kitchen of our home (who consciously chooses green suites?)
- Splurge on Jellybellys.

Five Bad Habits:
- Procrastination
- Being down on myself
- Laziness
- Speaking before thinking
- I feel like procrastination should be on this list twice.

Five Things I Hate Doing:
- Waiting
- Checking my email to find I have NOTHING
- Dusting, why is this necessary?
- Matching socks together after doing laundry... it always depresses me
- Going someplace new and making small talk with strangers

Five Things I Would Never Do:
-Bungee jump
-Be anywhere near a snake on purpose
-Jump off a cliff for fun
- I can't think of a fifth thing, but there must be millions of things I'd never do. Like lick the carpet which seems to be Boy's favourite thing to do at the moment
Come to think of it though, I did say I'd never get married, and look where that got me :)

Five Things I Regret Doing:
-Getting my hair permed into that terrible afro thing when I was however old I was
-Leaving the house wearing red and gold 'Hammer pants' with a neon pink collared shirt with black stars, it was a seriously hideous outfit - and I was old enough to know better
-Flinching whilst having my ears pierced, it makes it bloody difficult to put earrings in when the entrance hole and the exit hole are different for the same ear
-Not taking my dad up on his offer to drive down to San Francisco and go to the theater, because I wanted to spend the weekend wasting time in a chatroom
-Not being honest when I should have while important things were happening in my childhood (sorry about the vagueness)

Five Favorite Things (objects):
- Charlie (and all The Guys)(and that includes all my donkeys)
- My red blanket I grew up with
- My butterfly lamp from Hawaii
- My copy The Boxcar Children
- Elliot's newborn clothes

Five people I choose to do this:
I don't like tagging people, it feels like I'm put on the spot, so if you're reading this - you're tagged.
*That was something Faith used to say in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and of course I roughly knew what she meant, but I just didn't understand.


  1. i hate matching socks, too. what happens to them that i end up having a pile of singles? ugh, welcome to my nightmare. and i hate when i have no mail, too! i always look for the BOLD letters, cuz that means new messages, and when there are none, it's like a jab in my stomach! i guess it comes from some sort of fear of rejection! pathetic, huh?

  2. He's licking the carpet? Amybe it tastes good...I wish I'd seen a pick of you in your hammerpants!

    Thanks for playing


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