Thursday, November 02, 2006

I want, I want, I want

Have I mentioned before that we have my mother-in-law staying with us at the moment? She's been a big help looking after Baby Boy while I get some me-time as well as when I needed to catch up on the laundry and so on. She's moving out in just over a week's time though, to a nearby village. The plan for awhile had been that I'd go back to work sometime in the new year, and that Grandma would look after Elliot. I'm not sure if that's the way things will end up going, but anyway - she had mentioned the other day, that maybe she'd go visit some relatives in Australia for a few weeks in January before I go back to work. She'd mentioned it so that maybe my husband and I would consider us all going together. It's a crazy thought. It'd be a lot of money; we'd be taking our just-turned one year old with us... it's only a few months away. And I desperately want to go. Even though it's almost certain we couldn't afford it, it's not great timing. It's been on my mind since it was mentioned, I want to go. :(


  1. Go. Think about it, you will never, ever regret traveling to Australia, ever. No matter what it set you back. You only live once. This is your golden opportunity, don't let it pass you by. (And all the other cliches I can't come up with right now!)


  2. wow australia! How cool is that. I totally understand about setting you back though. Let us know what you decide.

  3. You're so lucky! My mother has not made her usual visit to see the kids and I really need a break. Well I think the trip to Australia may really be worth it even though it may set you back a bit. I've heard wonderful things about the place. But if it will set you back too far maybe you will need to think it over.

    Wouldn't want you stressing all the while you're over there and coming home stressing even more. You know!

  4. Don't think about it too much just go, trust me Oz is a great place to be in January when its horrid here and lovely over there. It will be worth it :-)


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