Saturday, November 18, 2006

New things

We went shopping today. I'm still recovering from the most rotten cold, but I needed to get out of the house. It is still unbelievable that in 10 days time my little boy will be one. I keep repeating this, but for good reason - I'm still in denial. The next few weeks will be incredibly busy for me, and I know I will struggle with maintaining this blog. Here's the schedule:

Wednesday the 22nd - my dad flies in from America (and thus takes over our house with his loud, loud voice and neverending chatter)

Thursday the 23rd - we celebrate Thanksgiving (even in England, I am still American)

Sunday the 26th - a birthday party for one small boy (also known as the day in which 30 people from around the world converge in my small house and expect food and cake)

Tuesday the 28th - Elliot's first birthday (I must learn how to accept this fact, preferably before this date)

And no less important

Saturday 2nd December - my husband's and my sixth wedding anniversary (what on earth am I going to give him?!)

But today. We finally, finally bought Elliot's first 'proper' pair of shoes. Last week, or possibly the week before, I'd had Elliot's feet measured in Clarks, and briefly had a look at the shoes on offer. £25 though, on a pair of shoes he'd wear for 6-8 weeks seemed ridiculous. We shopped around, and found a reasonably nice pair half price in Mothercare. Pictures possibly tomorrow.

I know that Elliot won't really remember his first birthday party, but it seemed important for me to make this day special, and I wanted something nice to get him. I'd been toying with the idea of a ride-on toy, and finally found this:

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