Monday, November 06, 2006

Soul Eater

I've not been reading many books lately (don't seem to have the time with all the TV I've been watching!) but I love it when books like Soul Eater come along. I adore this series. I love all of the characters, the setting, the situations they get themselves into. I love the friendship and loyalty that the three main characters have and especially their courage. In fact, this book made me cry for so many reasons (in a good way). If you haven't read Wolf Brother and Spirit Walker... go out now and do so, and then read Soul Eater. It's apparently the third in a series of six - about Torak (a 13 year old), who is able to speak to wolves and also inhabit other animal's souls, as he and his friends Renn and Wolf battle evil. You won't be disappointed. (and also send me your recent book recommendations! I have library cards for three counties, I'm sure SOMEWHERE would have a good book, right?)

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  1. i liked wolf brother. just finished reading 'How i live now' which wasn't great but it was interresting. Also just read 'Good Omens' by Neil Gaiman and terry practchett which is fantastic!


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