Sunday, November 05, 2006

Written by Elliot

éE1kkv bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb25 bv
Bv b
vb7h b byh ,v578
vb bn v6n b byh7b 7 bhyuuh,2C3kjuhkiydjhjmyyjhmybgsw

9879io;;[;5 nnbvhmn nmnmu7 n n héudshs

(who LOOOOOOOVES banging on my keyboard)


  1. Hey I will get Christopher to translate that for you tomorrow!

  2. Okay, Christopher has translated it but you don't want to know what it says because there were lots and lots of profanity in there!

    Just kidding, it reads mommy, you MUST give me atleast 7 hugs and kisses everyday, 2 cookies, 3 more kisses after I eat the cookies. Throw me up 5 times in the air and then spin me around 7 times. Honest, read it again and you will see my son speaks the truth.


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