Tuesday, December 05, 2006

So much

I've been kind of slacking lately about posting entries and getting back to people. I'm sorry. I've been kind of busy, and if I'm truthful, a little down as well. If I ever really needed to blog about stuff, it would probably be now. But it actually takes me forever to work out why I'm feeling depressed, even if it's entirely obvious. Oh well. I have a ton of stuff I'm looking forward to writing about, but the timing always seems wrong. Here's a quick recap of the last few days:

Saturday, 2nd December - N and my 6th wedding anniversary. I can't believe 6 years has gone by! So much has happened in that time, I wouldn't even recognise the person I was at 18. In a good way, I guess. We'd heard that Santa was coming to a nearby town, and we wanted to do something with Elliot on the day, so we got all prepared and showed up at the specified time .. only for everyone else in the entire world to be there before us. We went shopping and came back later instead. We missed the grand entrance (by helicopter), but when we took Boy later, there wasn't anyone in the queue. Elliot cried the instant we took him into Santa's house. It was the best anniversary present we could have recieved. There was no chance we could have pried Elliot's fingers from around our necks! Everytime Elliot glanced in Santa's direction, he'd start fresh howls. I couldn't stop laughing. I took pictures, I'll try to post one later!

Sunday, 3rd December - My dad and I went to go see Borat. I wanted to see Happy Feet, but they'd sold out already and I had to settle. Borat was .. interesting. I think I'm still collecting my thoughts on that one.

Monday, 4th December - The three of us (my dad, and Elliot and I) went to a beautiful little girl's first birthday party. The kids were all cute and relatively well-behaved, fun was had. It was my dad's last day though, so there was a general air of melancholy. We went out to this expensive Chinese restaurant nearby... the food was pretty good, the service was downright terrible. We left no tip.

That pretty much brings us up to date, except this last weekend, I found out I WON A PRIZE! For NaBloPoMo, I won a tarot reading via email, I'm so excited! I'll tell you all about it later :) AND (AND!) Lindsay has completely randomly designed a beautiful new template for me.. hristmas has certainly come early!


  1. wow congrats on winning. I am so jealous! The card reading should be fun!

    Can't wait to see the new design.

  2. Hey Sorry your feeling down. Congrats on 6 years of marriage.

    (btw sometimes santa scares me to)


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