Wednesday, December 13, 2006

To Do List

- Send out Thank You cards for Elliot's birthday presents - I am such a slacker.

- Two Three loads of laundry - It is neverending, I just did three loads the day before yesterday!

- Put up Christmas ornaments and tinsel - could I get any lazier?

- Assemble radiator cabinet - I'm really worried Elliot is going to burn himself, but I've had this thing in the garage for at least a month.

- Write out grocery and dinner lists for next week, whilst N is in South Korea, did I mention that already? Not looking forward to it.

- Change the bedlinen - which, SIGH, means more laundry

- Order final Christmas present for the mother-in-law

- Finish unpacking boxes in garage - mostly my Eeyore collection. Where am I going to put all of my junk?

- Call library and renew library books which are now at least two weeks late.

- Tear up my library card, as will save a fortune on library fines!

- Box up all of Elliot's impossibly small and cute outgrown clothes and put in attic, along with Moses basket he hasn't used to 8 months, etc

- Hoover, dust, all the other maddening household chores around the house!


  1. If it makes you feel better, I once got a collection notice from the library!

    This is Kristin from Eva Las Vegas btw, I have been having a heck of a time with Beta lately... it hates me!

  2. I think I avoided one library fine for about 3 years. I'd totally forgotten about the 10p I owed and came back years later and had to pay 70p.

    Now if your a day late they charge a fortune.

  3. Laundry is a beast that never goes away! Amazing how often we have to go through our babies clothes and remove the ones that no longer fit.

    --mamacita tina

    BTW: Beta is not letting me log in, so I'm trying it anonymously.

  4. that is a long list. I'm bad about the thank you cards too!


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