Thursday, December 14, 2006

Welcome to the Neighbourhood

As I mentioned before, our previous neighbours moved out recently, leaving behind a shitty mess (literally). In their place, is a nice couple with an almost-8-month-old little boy arrived. I was excited; a new person to the area. Babies close in age to play together. I posted a Christmas card through their letter box on Monday as a welcome to the neighbourhood gesture... Other people had a different idea of how to do this. N and I came home last night (from watching Happy Feet) and found the police at their house. The poor family had their home broken into and burgled. Whoever did it smashed through the back window and then smashed the place up. How incredibly scary. I feel for them, and I worry about the safety of this neighbourhood. N went out to buy things to make our home feel more secure whilst he is in South Korea next week.. extra bolts on the doors, we're adding new sensors to our alarm system. I fear our house will turn into a prison of some sort in an attempt to feel safe. What has the world come to?


  1. That is just awful! What a way to welcome them to the neighborhood!

  2. Terrible, how awful.

    We an extra bolt to our outside door to keep Ian in! He keeps trying to go outside without us.

    --mamacita tina

  3. Oh gosh that is just awful and scarey especially when you have a young one.

  4. Did I mention how much I love the design. I think I did :-)

  5. thats awful, poor people!

    Its hard to believe cos your area is so quiet!

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