Friday, January 12, 2007

Hunting Unicorns

I'm not sure exactly why I chose this book to read. I've gone back to using ReadItSwapIt lately, and everytime someone suggests a swap with me, I think to myself 'I can't continue rejecting everything' but I always do. I have this idea of which books I want to read in my head all the time, and I'm fairly closed to books I know nothing about or haven't had a recommendation for. I've come to realise that this isn't just a recent development either, I very rarely will pick up a book that looks interesting and read it just on the basis of the summary on the back. Oh well, this was different and I wasn't disappointed. It says somewhere that it's a romantic comedy, but I found that the romantic part wasn't as central, and I liked that. I liked the odd style of narration, and I genuinely felt for most of the (eccentric) characters. But as with the rest, I have put up as many books as I can access onto my swap list (restricted of course because I can't move the heavy boxes of books in the garage too easily) and I've done a fair bit of book trading over the last week. (more of an obsession really, I've gotten hold of almost all the Alice Hoffman books that are no longer available in libraries over three counties) Anyway, I'm rambling on, aren't I? I traded a book I hadn't read and didn't know how I'd acquired for this one, and who knows what I'll end up with next. Hunting Unicorns was funny, and to me, that's surprising. I don't normally enjoy British humour or at least that's what I've said for the last six years I've lived here. But the truth is, I'm being worn down slowly. And I'm enjoying the process...

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  1. Ohhh I hated that book, we always had too many copies and the rep refused to take it as a return as she insisted it was "too good". You've now tempted me to give it a try


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