Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Meg Cabot marathon

I read this one first. I absolutely loved it right from the very first page. All the other books in the series seemed more light-hearted, whereas in this book Jess is in such a dark and low place and it made for such compelling reading. From the second chapter onwards I was just crying because of the experiences Jess went through, how things ended with Rob, her pain, oh what agony. It's sad how much I related to grief so much easier than to happiness. I thought it was a brilliant way to end the series!

This isn't the picture on the cover from my copy (I don't much like this cover, it's so plain and boring) but again, I loved this book. I quite enjoyed the first book (dorm/residence hall thing aside), and this one doesn't disappoint either. I think Reggie is my favourite character, or possibly Gavin. I love the quirky characters in Meg Cabot's books! And thinking about it, I suppose it is a lot better way to go, not having Heather and Cooper get together (until the last book, I'm assuming) and I was expecting a tad more dramatics when finding out who the real killer/killers were, but I guess it was hard to top the ending from the first book.

Ah, I love Mia and all the weird and wonderful mishaps she gets herself into! Trying to use sex as a way to keep her boyfriend in the country is priceless. I'm sure a lot of Princess Diaries fans will be alarmed at how this book ends, but I personally think it's for the best. 16 is far too young to settle down with the love of your life (even if it is Michael) she needs more experiences! So I say, go for it with JP even if it did sort of seem like he was just with Lilly until he could make a move on Mia.

I read this one last, because it was the only one where I didn't know something about it before I started it. But I was wrong, I did know SOMETHING about it, I just didn't realise it was in this book. I'd read an article ages ago and it was something to do with Meg Cabot and writing about blow jobs. I didn't read much of the article, but it turns out, it was about this book. I honestly couldn't believe how many times the term 'blow job' is written in this book. Seriously. And I seriously blushed every time I read it. Why am I such a prude? I guess this was her romance novel, and I was fully not expecting the sex scene at the end. But aside from that, I really enjoyed this book. The part about Lizzie meeting Luke on the train like that reminded me of Sophie Kinsella's Can You Keep a Secret? Anyway, loved them all, as I knew I would. Meg Cabot is sheer genius.


  1. I had been meaning to ask you this since i started reading your blog. When in the world do you find all this time to read these books? :-) Seriously

  2. I had no idea "The Princess Diaries" was a book first. My daughter adored the movie and loved Princess Mia!

  3. Sometimes the "fluffier" stuff is just the ticket. Now I know where to look when I am in the mood for it.

    Did those sentences totally sound pornographic, or is it just me?

  4. I also recently "found" Meg Cabot and have been enjoying them. I started with Size 12 Is Not Fat.

  5. I LOVE Meg Cabot. I just finished reading Size 14 Is Not Fat Either. I cannot wait for the next installment.

    I have a friend in Key West that keeps bugging me to use my vacation time and visit. If I do, I'm totally searching every inch of that island until I find where Meg stays with her hubby and cat.


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