Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday 13 - My addictions

I was remembering what I wrote here about having an addictive personality, so I thought it would make a good Thursday 13, to write about a few of them. And of course, because it's the start of Lent I thought we could take a vote - you get to vote for which addiction I give up. Does it sound like a deal? :)

1. Blogging - I think it's been well documented already that I'm addicted to blogging, but I am working on it, I promise.

2. Books - Atasha asked in the last post how I find the time to read as many books as I do, and I just have to say - I make the time. I've never been without a book, and always manage to catch 20 minutes here and there in the day when I should be tidying up or something. Naptimes are great as well!

3. Jelly beans - How much do I adore Jelly Belly jelly beans. My cousin and her family live a short drive to the Jelly Belly factory in California and it seriously is my heaven! I recieved jelly beans for Valentine's Day and was told not to eat them all in one day. I ate them in two.

4. Television - I watch too much TV. When there isn't a new series of programmes to watch, I end up watching old reruns of my favourite TV shows instead! At the last count, at the moment there are 14 different programmes that I am watching.

5. Chocolate - Oh, this had to be on the list, didn't it? I love my chocolate! If it's in the house, I've got to eat it!

6. Coke - Yes. I am addicted to Coke. None of that poncy diet Coke either. Must have it.

7. Cheese - This is a strange one to appear on this list, but when I was making up this list, it occurred to me that only a few weeks back we'd bought 6 megablocks of cheddar cheese and in our last grocery shop, we had to pick up another block so we didn't run out during the week. We go through a ton of cheese.

8. Icecream and biscuits - Again, if they're in the house, I must eat them. I am such a comfort eater, it's unreal.

9. Taking pictures of Elliot - Our goal was to take pictures of Elliot everyday of his first year. It's now been three months since his first birthday, and there's no end in sight to daily photographs. He's just so cute and totally photogenic (if you vote for this one, I will ignore it!)

10. Checking my email - this one kind of goes hand-in-hand with the blogging, because I'm mostly checking to see if I've recieved any comments, but still. OCD much?

11. Drama - not so much of late, but I always tend to make a big deal out of nothing, it's like I need the drama in my life as a comfort blanket. I'm still trying to understand this one.

12. Putting things off - I'm a huge procrastinator. I never do things NOW when they could be done LATER! Why am I so lazy?!

13. Sleep - Oh, how I wish I can go back to a time where I can sleep for 12 hours straight! The other day, N let me sleep in on a weekend, and I completely got my 12 hours even though I so didn't need it!

And there's the list. Voting starts... NOW!


  1. Just found you through the tt hub.

    I think that my vote would be for the jelly beans, as I really dislike jelly beans, so this would be the easiest.

    Put in a negative value vote for blogging, because I'm really liking what I'm reading so far.

    Stop by if you get a chance!

  2. I'm addicted to cheese, blogging and chocolate too!

    I would give up the cheese. I guess it might be easier to give up coke since it doesn't involve changing the way that you cook.

  3. Oh I love your #5 !!! ;-)

    Happy T13

  4. LOVE the list! I'd give up TV, but then again, for the most part, I already have.

    Thanks for visiting West of Mars. I hope you'll come back again!

  5. hmmmm that's a toughy! i definitely vote against giving up blogging, no one can do that!! (by the way my favorite jelly belly is the butter-flavored popcorn one).
    i couldn't physically give up cheese, i love it way too much. so i'd say chocolate or ice cream because i'm addicted to both of those and if you choose one of those for lent, i'll be your lent buddy and do it too! i may need a support network if i give one of them up. happy tt!!

  6. hahahah! funny list! #1,4,5,10,12 goes to my list,hehehe!

    gosh, if only thursday thirteen continues, i'd make my own addiction list next wk!

  7. fun list! I could put some of those on my list of addictions as well. Happy TT, I am going to miss it.

  8. Thursday Thirteen has come to an end.
    I have enjoyed my visits here and consider us friends.
    Thank you for sharing your thirteens with me.
    The comments you left me filled me with glee.
    It is hard to believe it is really true.
    I am trying very hard to not be blue.
    Happy TT'ing!
    (")_ (")Š

  9. Hehe...I'm a procrastinator too. It's definitely something that I'm working on. I also watch way too much TV.

    But reading books can't be bad! Say it ain't so! :)

    My 13 is up.

  10. Very interesting list of addictions. My main addiction is my grandchildren. I can't get enough of being around them.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  11. I'd go with the coke...but only because i rarely drink soda anyway :)

  12. Books - such a healthy addiction. I'm addicted to those too. and you just gave me a craving for jelly beans.

  13. I vote for giving up Chocolate! It's Nasty! LOL! I only say that because it gives me migraines.

  14. Okay I say get rid of #1,2,9,10, and 13........JUST KIDDING!
    You better not give up on blogging or taking pics of the gorgous Elloit..EVAH!

    I say you could probably do with out #8 (ice cream and biscuits) and #11 (drama). Even thought they sometimes can be fun to deal with, I think they would be the simplist to give least for the month right????

  15. I too am addicted to blogging, chocolate, ice cream and email. Great list. Happy TT.

  16. Oooh, I don't know, because I am addicted to many of these also. I'd say give up soda, because it's the least beneficial thing for you on your list.

  17. Great idea for a TT this.

    I'd have to give up jelly beans, because all the rest would just be too painful. No blogging for a month?!? *gasp* *shudder*

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  18. Oh how I wish I was doing number 13!

  19. A fantastic list, I wish mine could be as worthwhile, while blogging would be there for me, I'm afraid eating stuff that is bad for me and work would also figure. Oh dear. Your blog looks beautiful btw, I have just followed a link through a comment on Trashionista - if it is okay with you I'll add a link as I am always looking for blogs by mums or dads that are worth reading!

    All best.


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