Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ugly Duckling

Glass Half Full has challenged all of us 'beautiful swans' which of course we all are, to post our 'ugly duckling' photos. Now I seriously have way worse photos of me as a child than this one, but this one has a story.

First, my dad told me once that this is the photo that he thinks captures 'me' and that this is how he'll remember me as a child. Along with my prom photo, THIS is the photo he carries around of me in his wallet. (along with the photo of me and N, and a few of Elliot, of course)

Secondly, this is my 2nd grade class photo. Recently, I joined myspace and I had so much fun finding people I knew from highschool, that I didn't stop there. I pulled out details of the kids I went to middle school (I went to three different middle schools) and elementary school. Would you believe I found my best friend in second grade? The girl I only knew for one short year (when we were 7!) and then moved away and I never heard from her again? And we remembered each other. Even when I emailed her THIS photo, she chose not to deny the friendship! How cool is that?

The dress I'm wearing was seriously my favourite article of clothing in the world, and I wore it for all occasions. It looks hideous, doesn't it? Don't get me started on those massive glasses. Or the hair. Go ahead and laugh, I am too.


  1. That expression is priceless!!!

    Thanks for being so brave.

  2. ohhh but it's so cute! we all have pictures like that, fortunately none of mine are in my possession and i am not quite as brave as you but i can tell you the haircut and the outfit were pretty similar. :)

  3. you're so brave! i will have to dig up something now...

  4. I am so glad you played along!! You are awesome. This photo actually is endearing... especially since your dad still carries it around in his wallet. Priceless!


  5. I think its so precious that your dad still carries this picture...how sweet.

  6. Yet another brave soul!
    I also think that's sweet, your dad carrying that picture in his wallet.

  7. LOL, we all look like that as kids! Our bodies were so awkward. I love looking back, the clothes always get me to laughing! And hairstyles!

  8. Oh my! Those glasses are huge!!! I can't say too much since I had an equally hideous dress that I loved to pieces. I also had long scraggly hair and thick bangs. It was not attractive and maybe some day I will get up the nerve to embarrass myself.

    One of my goals is to hopefully help my kids to avoid awful pictures like that. I can always hope.

  9. I think the colors on your dress are very bright and pretty. The glasses, though, I'm gonna have to agree with you on. But, you were a kid, what choice did you have?


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