Monday, March 19, 2007

Meet the Guys Monday - Eeyore

(picture coming soon)
I have many, many Eeyores, I know, but this one's special. He was a Christmas present from my father, when he stayed with us for 3 months a few years back. My dad had actually told me beforehand what he had intended to buy for me for Christmas, but when Christmas morning came around I didn't see a small jewellery box anywhere, and was slightly surprised to see a lumpy, largeish parcel instead. And that was my dad's intention! He'd put the necklace around Eeyore's neck instead!

He wears a turquoise ribbon around his neck and wears a baseball jersey that N and I bought for him in New York from a Build-a-Bear store so he wouldn't feel left out that all the other Guys had clothes. There is a little baseball cap that goes along with it, but I'm not sure it fits or where it's at at the moment. I love Eeyore's eyes - they look like he's constantly watching or looking out for something. Nicknames include 'Donkey' and 'Donks'


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