Monday, July 02, 2007

...And counting

Welcome to July! It is exactly 3 weeks until my birthday. And even though both my husband and mother-in-law thought that it'll be my 26th birthday this year, I'll really only be 25. Birthdays are strange for me. I don't ever really get excited by them for two reasons really:

1) birthdays weren't well celebrated in my family growing up. We'd usually get presents either well before or well after the actual day, no cards and maybe a 'oh right, happy birthday' on the day. A bit of a letdown. and 2) very few people remember my birthday. I blame it on the fact that it's right in the middle of summer. Friends are usually busy or away during summer.

N always makes a big deal about my birthdays usually, which is nice and I love him for it, but it seems to be an uphill struggle for him as I can never decide on what I'd like for my birthday or what I'd like to do. Is that just me? Are you supposed to do something extra-nice for your 25th?


  1. Did I ever tell you about the time I only invited 2 people to a birthday party and no one came? Yeah, that was great fun. Summer birthdays suck! I don't have anything planned for the big 25.. I just figured I'd hang with friends or what not.. it not that big of a milestone, or is it?? anyways..

  2. Live it up! We never know how many birthdays we get. And after 25, birthdays don't seem quite as special....

  3. My 25th was kind of a let down. Nevermind the fact that I just had a baby not too long ago and wasn't quite over the baby blues. Live it up and have fun!

  4. Wow my birthday is the 22nd. how cool is that? Well I am like you. I can never decide what i want or what I want to do for my birthday and it drives my husband crazy. He always does so well on his own though so why he even bothers to ask me is a mystery.

  5. Whens you BDay? Mine is July 23rd. I feel ya, there is never anything to do!


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