Sunday, November 04, 2007


In a few week's time, my husband and I will celebrate Thanksgiving, as we have done together for the past 7 years. And every year we do something for the 4th of July. But what holiday do we never celebrate? Guy Fawkes Night. But everyone in our neighbourhood seems to have been celebrating for the past week or so. And I'm such a grumpy bitch that it really annoys me. Not so much that they're setting off the fireworks, but that I can't see them when I look out the window. Until tonight, that is. Tonight, we had a great view out the window... and when we sat Elliot in front of the window to see the pretty lights too, he burst into tears. Apparently fireworks are very scary to the poor little boy. Love that kid.


  1. Huh. I've heard of that holiday but didn't know it included fireworks. Don't tell my neighbor. They already set off fireworks for every conceivable holiday!

    I'm sorry your little one was scared!

  2. awe... I love fireworks at any time! If i could afford them, I would buy them to celebrate EVERYTHING!


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