Monday, November 05, 2007

Here's your task, should you choose to accept it...

I'm on the hunt for baby names for SecondChild. I've posted a message on my myspace page and one on my facebook page, but I keep getting very strange suggestions (from my brother and from N)(and then N went and enlisted some friends of his to also leave weird names). Here's the list so far, feel free to add to it as you wish:

Boys: Pepper, Primus, Lucky, Geraldo, Paddington, Smithy, DangerMouse, Rick, Flameboy, Romper, Bartholomew, Arnold, Derek, Proctor, Planstrom, Chuckie, Bing, Zippy, Anthony, Bosco, Sandford, Fievel, Jean-Pierre, Jean-Phillippe, The ICE man, Hayden, Edward, Oliver, Harry, James, Michael, Alexander, Levi, Scott.

Girls: Rain, Cinnamon, Elliota, Peachy, Maribelle, Amelia, Elena, Elana, Jing-mae, Cate, Lily, Indria, Anuradha, Kate, Amelia, Megan, Madison, Elizabeth, Cadence, Isabelle, Crysta, Lynn.

Other: Disney's 'The Kid', BPP, Bluetooth, Amber, Boston, Le Poo, Shimmy, DYMO, Symphonic-Harmonium-Composium, UnoDosTres, Baby Chuckles, Pumpoo, ChingChing, SuperFireBallThing.

Can you see what I'm up against?!


  1. can you imagine naming your child Bluetooth? That's hilarious. I wouldn't even name a dog that, much less a baby...

    I love classic names like Audrey, Devon (boy), Gillian, Gracie, Rabekah, Brianne, Dallas(boy), Jared (boy), Danielle, etc...

    That being said, Le Poo would make a lovely middle name, whether boy or girl :)

  2. I like the last few boys names but have to admit that I like one of the girls names best.

    Can you guess which one?

    (I'll try and think up some more for you)

  3. What about Apple, Ever, or some other celebrity-ish kid name? I like DangerMouse best :)

  4. Hmmm...I kinda like Ever for either boy or girl. I may be partial as the mother of a boy named Evan.

    I love posts about names and baby names. Yours was fun.


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