Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm so tiiiiiiiirrreeedd..

There are things I'd like to discuss on this blog, but this week I've just been so tired. I get plenty of sleep at night, I take a long nap whilst Elliot sleeps, I don't generally exert myself more than usual. No heavy lifting, I'm not up and down the stairs much. But I'm exhuasted all the time. I guess I forgot this part of pregnancy from the first time around. I'm in my 29th week. Which means 'third trimester' and '11 weeks to go'. I swear that before Christmas, time was going a lot slower.

We have a birthday party to attend tomorrow for one of Elliot's friends, who is the daughter of a woman I met in my antenatal classes when I was pregnant with Elliot. It's at a soft play centre. I'm not looking forward to it... N will say he's fine taking Elliot around and running after him, but I hate to miss out on the fun, seeing the excitement on Little Boy's face. But I know I should sit this one out and take it easy, but that's just no fun. Am off to bed...

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  1. You really ought to take it easy.

    And remember, the last time you were pregnant you didn't have a younger one to run after and chase so this time around will be extra tiring.

    I too forgot how tired one feels the 1st trimester also. There are days I simply cannot get out of bed. Sometimes I sleep on the couch at night so when morning comes and the kids head downstairs they won't be there alone.

    I'm such a bad mom.


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