Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What do you think?

It might just be time for Elliot's first haircut, what do you think? Does the scruffy-boy look work for you? It's a nightmare to brush and is always sticking up and out. I just don't want to cut off all of his lovely curls for them to disappear forever. And I'm worried that he won't sit still long enough for a haircut. Maybe it's one more thing that I'm putting off in an attempt at stopping my son from growing up..


  1. so cute!!!!
    And, isn't that in style, these days..

  2. I think it's time. He'll still be the cutest thing with short hair... and it really will grow back! Promise.

  3. I like his messy look, but maybe just a little off the top and sides.

  4. I think he looks so friendly and ready for fun! The hair is part of his personality.


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