Thursday, February 07, 2008

A bad week

It's been a bad week, folks. Not only am I sick of being pregnant, I'm also just plain sick. I've got just under 8 weeks to go, and I'm frustrated that I can't bend over for things, that I get breathless for the smallest of activities. I'm tired of the heartburn, of the backache. I'm even tired of people asking if we've thought of any names. These last few weeks of pregnancy have turned me into an impatient grump. And my behaviour is having an effect on Elliot. He's becoming more stubborn, refusing to obey orders, pretending not to hear me when I'm telling him off. He's brought back the tantrum and his old sulk-face. And of course, I'm sick, so I'm feeling all a bit ratty and snippy. I have a hacking cough that has kept me up at night, my throat is so sore and scratchy that I've now lost my voice. (Imagine how affective it is when I try to tell off my son using a combination of sign language and whispering.) My nose is at once blocked and runny, and the best part of it all, is I can do absolutely nothing but grin and bear this disease. Apparently this far into pregnancy, it is not recommended that I take cough syrup or cold medication. Lucky, lucky me.


  1. Oh you poor dear. It's rough but it's almost over! I took nothing with both my pregnancies for my ailments. I was just too scared. I won't be taking anything this time either.

    I know the happy thoughts thing don't work but just think that this time, in a little less than 8 weeks, you will be holding your baby.

    Hey atleast you don't have 6 months to go. Hehehehe....that would suck

  2. I hate how my chils can pick up on the subtle clues that I'm having a bad day, I always thought I could hide my emotions better!


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