Tuesday, May 06, 2008

(fat) 600th post

I had a great bank holiday weekend. We took the boys* out on Saturday and had the best day ever. When we came home, I had a quick flick through the photos we'd taken and was really disappointed. Not with the photos themselves, but with my appearance in them. Sigh. This isn't the best photo that 'shows off' my flabby belly, but it'll do. I've decided that I've had enough of my extra baby fat and am going to start exercising again. Which means joining Christie's Spring Into Summer Slimdown! Once I find replacement batteries to put into my weight scale thingy I'll add my fat ticker and everything. Wish me luck, my ideal weight would be ... erm, 15 pounds lighter than I am.

*How great do I feel getting to say things like 'the boys' or 'my boys'


  1. yayyy! (by the way -- you do look great! i wish i looked that way after giving birth!)

    i LOVE saying "my boys". I just love it.

  2. You look great for just giving birth silly. Don't be so hard on yourself..


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