Friday, May 02, 2008

Making the most of the sunshine

Last summer was a total disappointment in terms of hours of sunshine around these parts. And while I didn't complain last year (I'm not a huge fan of the heat), this year I have plans. Which means we've got to be organised and use what little good weather we'll get to good use. We're hoping to not only go to lots of different places - theme parks, zoos, museums, but to tidy up the garden andd barbecue.. go to local parks, get out as much as possible. Here's our official Days Out list:

Legoland Windsor

Woburn Safari Park

Whipsnade Wild Animal Park

The Living Rainforest

Beckonscot Model Village

Butterfly World

Look Out Discovery Centre

Pooh Country

Beale Park

London Aquarium

Kew Gardens

London Transport Museum

Natural History Museum

Science Museum

What are your plans for the summer?


  1. You're inspiring me!! I must put together a to-do list and get out more myself! we have a fire engine museum here and a couple kids museums and a mosi and the zoo and the aquarium! why i am not taking advantage of these things i don't know!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. This summer, like every summer here, will be spent hiding away in air-conditioned rooms away from the heat and humidity! Your plans sound great though. I hope you get lots of nice weather.


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