Friday, June 13, 2008

The voices in my head told me to do it

My mind keeps swirling with ideas of things to post, and I've been reading some interesting books .. but I can't focus long enough these days to write out an entire blog entry. But I was wondering something...

I've always known I had a very prominent inner-voice. Does everyone? I once mentioned it to my father and he reacted like I should be committed to the nearest mental hospital because I'm always engaged in some inner-dialogue. Whenever I read, that voice is there. I'm always having conversations in my head, always writing an email or a blog. I'm always thinking out loud in my head. That's normal, right?


  1. Yes! My mind never shuts up! When I was talking about it to my husband, he reacted the same way as your father. He said, "If there are voices in your head, you need to get that seen to." Pah.

    There's a book called Women Who Think to Much and I found it really helpful. Apparently, it's mainly a female thing.

  2. Absolutely!

    When I'm thinking about things to blog, it's like I'm reading the post out to someone and they're making comments on what I can include or how I can phrase something. The problem is when that happens it's like I've written the post and so it never actually gets blogged.

    I am hoping that I never do what my mother did - she did something daft and her inner voice said "Now we both know you didn't want to do that". I'm not at the stage of both yet!

    I keep looking at that book that Keris mentioned, but my inner voice always talks me out of buying it...

    (Oh and thank you for getting me out of not commenting, another thing I think about but don't do)

  3. funny that you should say this. i was just about to post something about this -- everything i do i am writing a blog post in my head about or narrating the scenario as if it were a scene from a book. it's crazy. i thought i was nuts, but i see now that you are too and well, now i feel much better! hahahaha

    oh, and peeps! i forgot to reply to you about what they are. or did i? i forget. did i reply? mommy brain again. anyway, i was thinking, what?? candy queen doesn't know what a peep is????
    they are sugar covered marshmallows shaped as chicks or bunnies. they come out mostly around easter, but now the peep company has started making them in all sorts of shapes for different holidays (pumpkins, christmas trees, stars...etc) anyway, if you google them, you'll see that people (like me) are fascinated with doing wierd things with them like seeing what happens when you put them in the microwave, dressing them up, things like that. it's silly.

  4. well if it's not normal it looks like you have alittle club of abnormals reading your blog too!

    I like this club, we're all weirdos together! x

  5. It's quite normal for me. I guess we're all crazy?

    As far as thinking out loud even my son is aware of my "habits". I do it a lot. He'll hear me, and then say, "Mama, are you talking by yourself again?"

  6. of course it's normal... Maybe it's more a girl thing though? I've never really thought to ask anyone, but that would explain how your dad didn't know about it... ????

  7. I have that voice too so either all of us are crazy or we're quite normal. :-)

  8. I guess if your crazy, then so I am I...


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