Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oldest's first haircut!

I did it. I finally succumbed to the pressure (internal mostly) and took Oldest for his first hair cut. Oldest was so serious and melancholy during the actual haircut. Wouldn't give any of the hairdressers a smile, whereas Littlest managed to charm them all. When we left, Oldest was all giggles and happiness.

I sent an MMS to N to show him Oldest's new look and he calls me later in the day to say 'you sent me the before photo, but I never got the after' Folks, I'd sent him the after!Oldest 's hair still looks 'moppish' because it's so curly, but honestly, it's quite a few inches shorter. You can tell by these photos. Right? Or is it just me? Do I think I should have had it cut shorter? It was his first haircut in almost THREE years, if I wasn't sentimental about it then it would have happened a lot sooner than this...


  1. Hello !
    I just wanted to say that I like your blog, moreover the simplicity of it.

    See you !

    By the way, I'm french so I kind of "have" to do a translation so that french people could understand :


    Je voulais juste te dire que j'aime beaucoup ton blog, surtout sa simplicité.
    A plus !

  2. I think it was a great first hair cut. Get a little length off without doing anything too dramatically different. But I do think, next time, a little shorter couldn't hurt :) I can't wait until Julia has enough hair that I have to consider getting it cut... at this rate I think it's going to be around 1st grade!

  3. aw so sweet, I have brought some clippers for my sons hair as im fed up of paying £6 everytime he needs a cut!

    Now to get him to sit still long enough to actually shave his hair off is another thing!


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