Monday, July 28, 2008

Linky love

I'm a bit short on the blogging ideas at the moment, but thankfully you lot out there are not. Here are some of my favourite recent posts:

A Book List Bonanza from Book Chase

What You Can Do to End Genocide in Darfur
by Maw Books Blog

The Compulsive Reader is counting down the wait for Breaking Dawn by giving us a month of 'Books that Suck' including this one which I would quite like to read. Check out the others as well though...

Trashionista was the first to inform me of Tim Burton's latest movie offering

A World of Kate discusses book-to-film adaptations and how they can go terribly wrong

The Inside Cover writes a very interesting review including some fun optical illusions

And finally, over at Semicolon, her Sunday Salon lists some great links to fun bookshelves

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