Sunday, August 03, 2008

Conversation with N

Last night.

Me: I did something really stupid today.
N: What's that?
Me: You know that book I've been waiting for?
N: No.
Me: Breaking Dawn, you know the new Stephenie Meyer? The one I asked you to pre-order for me?
N: Yes.
Me: You did pre-order it, right?
N: Yes.
Me: Well, it's released in America today, but not in the UK until the 4th, so I still have to wait for Sunday and Monday for it to arrive..
N: Yeah?
Me: Well, I made the mistake of reading a review of it on and now I'm a little disappointed at what I know.
N: Well that's just you all over. You can't wait for anything.
Me: (sigh) I know.

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  1. haha what are you like hey :o) I am not so guilty of that as I rarely pick up a book these days.. Its quite the random process for me!

    Still, you may enjoy the book.. I hope! x


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