Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Did I mention, 4:30 in the morning?

There was once a time (a week ago) where Littlest would drink 4 7 ounce bottles of milk a day and sleep the whole night through waking no earlier than 6 o'clock. Gone are those days. Now, he's drinking 5-6 7 ounces bottles, waking up at least once in the night and his first bottle of milk is at 4:30.

At 5 months old, I declare it time to start feeding my little Littlest some proper food. Only I don't remember how it goes. It's been years since I had to puree food, or use those flat little spoons. All I remember is the health visitor I spoke to when I needed to start weaning Oldest having a go at me because I wanted to wean Oldest before 6 months. She kept telling me 'government regulations recommend waiting until 6 months before...' until I got so annoyed, I walked away from her.

When Littlest was born, I'd forgotten that babies needed changing so often. I'd forgotten that newborns are so little and that their faces changed so often. I'd forgotten that first smile and those little coos and how everything was still scrunched up for ages.

It makes me really sad that I'd forgotten those early days with Oldest so quickly. I wonder how long it'll take before I forget these days with Littlest. My babies are growing up far too quickly.


  1. i know, it totally goes so fast. i felt the exact same way when i was feeding ryan solids, for some reason it was more clear with the first, and i realized i had forgotten so much the second time around! but we've been doing it for a while now and he's a pro. you'll get back on that bike quickly i promise. it is so sad how quickly we forget. but we've got blogs to look back on, that's kind of good! :)

  2. I dont think we forget, we just need them memories nudging back to the front of our minds every now and then :)

  3. We're recording little videos of Benny every other week. We've done that since he was born. It helps me a lot to remember what he was like at the various stages during his first year. Now I want to put the short clips together in one big video for his first birthday. It does all go really quickly, you're right! Soon I'll have to go back to work and I wonder where the year has gone!


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