Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The wrong side of the road

So, N has been taking me out driving most weekends so I can build up some confidence. And everytime I think 'yes, I can do this' things go horribly wrong. This weekend I stalled on a busy roundabout, mounted a curb as we were driving, and kept swerving into the wrong lanes whilst on roundabouts.

At least it's not the worst things I've ever done on the road. There was that time that I tried to drive right around a roundabout (instead of left). That was pretty bad. I had one of those weird instinctual moments, even though I never, ever drove in America, I thought on that deciding moment whilst driving that the OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD WAS THE CORRECT SIDE. I still do that all the time when I'm walking. I'll be walking along and in that second before I put my foot out to cross the street and I'll think 'oh no, I looked the wrong way' and get all panicky even though I generally throw a glance in the other direction, JUST IN CASE. I wonder if that will ever change.

I don't know any other expats, but I'm hoping this is a common problem. Or it could just be me.


  1. ok i couldn't help but laugh at this, i'm sorry! i know it was probably very scary! but i was laughing because i would TOTALLY DO THAT! there is no way i'd ever get it straight. i admire people who can get acclimated so quickly because that wouldn't be me! hahaha

  2. It's been over five years and I still get in the wrong side of the car and have driven unconsciously on the wrong side of the road until I saw a truck hurtling towards me.

    And then when I go back to Scotland, I do it all again. You'd think I would get it right in at least one place!


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