Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Questions, questions

Oldest is all about the questions these days. No one told me that 'but why, mommy? WHY?' started so early. The other day though, this happened:

Oldest (in the saddest voice in the world): Mummy, is Littlest your favourite?
Me: Favourite what, child?
Oldest: Favourite boy?

How much does that kill me that Oldest asked me that! Since then I've been all paranoid that I'm favouring one child over the other... (and I tried my best to explain to Oldest that I love both him and Littlest very much in different ways - neither love is more or less)

How would you have dealt with the question?


  1. Awww, sweet boy!

    I would have said exactly the same thing as you.

    I am very naughty though and whisper to my boys (always in earshot of each other) that they are my favourite. They always say, "You say that to all of us!" But it's so true what you say, they're all my favourite and I love them all equally but for different reasons and in different ways.

  2. I think you responded perfectly!

  3. Wow what a question...Hannah sometimes says Alanna is my favorite because she is needier than Hannah at this age..(Hannah is 8 and Alanna is almost 3)..I try and explain the same way...That both girls are my favorite for different reasons and then I name some silly reasons, like Alanna is my favorite 2 year old daughter and Hannah is my favorite daughter with short hair and that always makes her giggle and happy again...I think you did great in answering one hard question. :)

  4. Oh no! I know this might not help but I think most kids think their parents prefer their siblings. Try not to worry it'll be ok.

  5. The most dreaded question in the life of a parent! Oh, I hate this question! My DH and I actually made a plan for it, though. Both our younger ones have their favorite toys and their favorite books. We just ask them to pick their favorite out of the those two items...they can't do it! They say they love them both but for different reasons, they just can't pick one over the other...then we just look at them with a little smile. Pretty soon, they figure out they just answered their own question and start giggling like crazy!

  6. This is probably not quite as valid as other answers because I don't have kids... but I think I would have said something like "I love you both differently, based on who you are as a person. I don't favor either one. You'd have to be exactly the same to make a comparison." Then I would tell him things I like about him especially.

    How does that sound? :)

    If I'm all wet, tell me.. because it's just a guess for me.


  7. Forgot to mention: This site is stunningly beautiful visually. :)



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