Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween costumes

Here are the three of us in our Halloween costumes. What're you dressing up as this year?

Also, check out these fun links: Why Dogs Hate Halloween and 13 Really Strange Halloween costumes for Babies (my favourites were the Yoda-Dog and the Baby Lobster in a Bucket!)


  1. So cute!!! all three of you.
    I dressed up as pink. The color pink, that is. Pink hair, pink clothes, pink eye lashes. :)

  2. Love it! So much adorableness in one place! I'll be camped out on my front porch in regular everyday clothes playing a "nutty professor." lol

  3. Cute costumes!

    Me? Dunno what I'm called. I guess "Zebra Lady" might be the closest. I'll probably post a pic on my blog tomorrow of me in it. :)

  4. Dropping by to say hello. Trying to catch up with everyone. I love his vampire costume. Gosh your baby has grown so much! Can you believe it?
    I will be the same thing I was last year only fatter...hehehe....A cat. The kids will be the same thing they were last year also. Christopher is Superman Alyssa is Mulan. Maybe tomorrow if I g=have the strength I will make baby Ashleigh a tutu. She can go as a ballerina.

  5. wow fantastic costumes!

    We aren't dressing up this year :( if we were I think I would be Dracula's bride and the kids mini monsters - they wouldn't require much hard work that way ;)

  6. Too cute!! Happy belated Halloween to you and your family. I dressed up in 80s garb for our office, but I think I ended up looking more like a saloon girl. Guess I'll doctor the costume and be a real saloon girl next year. ;)


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