Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Is a year going to be enough time?

N and I are thinking of doing this next year. The erm, 10K. The thing is .. currently, I can't run more than 15 minutes at a time, and hate the idea of running whilst other people can SEE ME.

Still, at least I have a year to train, right...? Surely, that's enough time?


  1. When I did the 10k a couple of years ago, I don't think I'd ever run for more than half an hour (if that).

    People kept telling me I'd do it on the day and I did.

    The sense of achievement was great. Honest. :)

    If you click the "Keris Gump" category on my blog, you can read about my so-called training (scroll down).

  2. Oh my GOD, Keris - I just read through the Gump chronicles and it's actually really inspiring as well as amusing (my youngest is asleep so I couldn't properly giggle like I wanted to). I'm not as worried anymore, so thank you!

  3. ah a wondeful idea! Im sure with some determination you'll be able to do it! Sign up to a gym and see a personal trainer, they'll give you lots of advice and support incl nutritional advice! Lots of luck :) xx

  4. Ooh.. how I'd love to be able to afford a) a gym membership and b) a personal trainer! Thanks for the well wishes though! I do have quite a bit of time to prepare myself!

  5. When I started running I only ran from one lamp post to the next, then walked to the next, then ran again.

    I have now done a half marathon from that start. It takes regular training, but running (or even jogging or fast walking) is one of those things where results can be seen quite fast, especially if you start from really unfit. Get on the (or .com?) forums, there are some REALLY really helpful people on there who will be really encouraging even to absolute beginners. And if you don't spend another penny, do get a decent pair of trainers (injuries suck) and a decent sports bra (believe me, you need one).

    A year is PLENTY of time to train. I started out thinking 5k was all I'd ever be able to do, but I actually prefer 10ks now!

  6. A year is plenty of time! Just make sure to go at your own pace. When I first started running I'd always run with my boyfriend, but it left me feeling discouraged because he was quicker and less winded than me. I eventually started running on my own because it was more important for me to finish than to try to keep up with him.

    Anyway, best of luck!

  7. Thank you all for the advice and encouragement!

  8. Thanks, Michelle. :) I'll have to go and re-read them myself. Inspiring? I don't think so, LOL.

  9. its plenty of time! good lucks :-)


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