Friday, October 10, 2008

Newest Twilight trailer

I've watched four times in a row. What was the thing with the apple? And a kiss! I like seeing a bit more romance in the trailer, but also some more of the action scenes! (and isn't all the greenery gorgeous?) What do you think? Are you dying to see the film now?


  1. will i be the bad guy if I say that the apple thing is SUPER CHEESY???

    there are still so many inconsistencies (from the book) visible in the trailer. It makes me worry about the parts we aren't seeing...

    excited, yes. worried? yes...

  2. No, I'm with you on the cheesy. What is it highlighting being in the trailer/film anyway? That Bella is clumsy enough to drop an apple? Did the apple bounce off his foot or was it meant to be his reflexes somehow? I really just didn't get why it was in there.

    I don't really like that question that always pops up about which is better - the book or the movie because they're two entirely different mediums that it's too hard for me to compare. As long as I walk away from watching the movie with a similar feeling that I got from the book, then I'll be happy.

  3. Yep, I want to see it way more now! This trailer is by far my favorite.


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