Monday, October 06, 2008

Where does he come up with this stuff?

Oldest came running up to me the other day all excited...

Oldest: I don't want to go in dere!
Me: You don't want to go in where?
Oldest: In da conservahee.
Me: Why don't you want to go in the conservatory?
Oldest: There's a robot in dere!
Me: There's a robot in the conservatory?
Oldest: And he has no eyes!
Me: The robot in the conservatory has no eyes?!
Oldest: And I don't want to go in dere. It scares me.

(I wouldn't either, that sounds creepy!)

(a conversation overheard. Oldesthad been pulling on Littlest's arms)
Nana: No, Oldest, you shouldn't pull his arms like that. You might pull his arms out of the socket and it will hurt him.
Oldest: And then the crabs will go in dere.



  1. haha! that's hilarious!! they do come up with the craziest things. the other day mine slapped a little piece of cheese on my hand and said, "Cheese bandaid!"

    and when he rides around on his motorcycle in the house, he picks places to go, like "Tel Aviv." I mean, what?

  2. Oh, kids are goofy, aren't they?!

    Tel Aviv, seriously? :)

  3. I know! All I can think is that he was remembering from a month ago when we saw a crab at an aquarium. How he connected that to Joshua's arms I'll have no idea!


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