Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

We've got a few friends who have mentioned this thing they do. It could be a religious thing, it probably isn't. They start the new year with a clean house (maybe they just said 'clean' or possibly 'fresh' - could mean anything, a shower, new clothes) and maybe N and I are taking it too far and it's too much whilst we're all feeling a little poorly but it's a ball in motion at this point. We've already tackled the garage, the kitchen, the computer room and we're halfway through the bedrooms. And I've come across a scary realisation. But the backstory first:

I used to work in a bookstore. I love books. I used to live in house so filled with bookshelves (and books, naturally) it actually made me feel claustrophobic by the time we moved out. Two years ago, when we moved into our current house we decided to go down a more minimalist route. Despite having two large bookshelves (in the garage) and a smaller bookshelf all double-stacked, a bedside table that might buckle at any time, boxes upon boxes of books in the loft, a 'library-book' table and small book stacks in both the boys' rooms, it turns out that yes, I am still a crazy book lady.

It turns out that despite all of my dedicated book space, I've still hidden/stashed books in the stupidest of places. Take for instance ... Elliot's art cupboard. And my closet.

Is there help available to me? Probably not. But it seems like a nice time to get a little more organised and therefore, I've ordered a lovely third bookshelf for the garage. And we're moving a bookshelf into our dining room (possibly) so there will finally be some books on display. Maybe this will help.

Here's hoping you all have a fresh start in 2009!


  1. Aww, I see from your photo you too are a fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I love books too and was also brought up in a house stacked high with books.

  2. I, too, am a book-a-holic. However, I have managed to curb my addiction by GIVING AWAY just about all of them. And by that, I literally mean thousands of books.

    The school librarian loves me. :)

  3. Hope you guy's habe a wonderful New Years! ♥

  4. We went crazy cleaning and organizing on the 27th. Four days later, you would never know it. Ah, life with kids.

    Enjoy the organization while it lasts! And Happy New Year.

  5. I got rid of 20 or so books a couple days ago. I'm going to make another couple passes over the shelves soon. I'm just NOT gonna get to some of them.

    Happy New Year!

  6. I always clean up before the New Year. It goes back to an old Chinese tradition that you cannot clean or work on New Year's Day or else you will sweep away your good luck. Of course, the tradition is meant for the Chinese New Year, not the Gregorian calendar that most people follow. I've just for some reason adopted it for the regular New Year too. :-)

    I have books in some strange places too. It's always interesting to see where they sometimes end up. LOL

    Have a Happy New Year!

  7. I have been cleaning too! Its amazing how we all instinctively do it! Its like nesting for a baby! (without the inpending labour...)

    Happy new year michelle :)

  8. I've got book problems, too. I promised myself I would slow down on the buying since I have to move soon. So far in 2009, I've bought 3 books & they're all chunky monkeys! Crazy booklady, indeed.

  9. That's a lot of books! But I'm sort of the same way. Not that I'm much of a reader, never have been, but I love children's books (could be the teacher in me) and insist on my children having a mini library of their own. Between books I bought when I had my own classroom and ones I have bought specifically for my children, there must be hundreds in our possession. I have to fight the urge to buy more because we, too, lack shelf space.

    Anyway, your winter cleaning has inspired me to get a headstart on my spring cleaning.

  10. I feel like I need to start the new year fresh too. I'll probably clean out the basement when school starts and make home improvement plans for the year.

    Happy New Year!

  11. Chris - good plan. We've taken care of the house but we still need to sit down and have some idea of what we're doing to the house this year. I'm hoping it's the back garden and the bathroom that gets redone!

    Diana - good luck!

    Kailana - same to you!

    Bybee - I'm not meant to buy books either because I go crazy with them, but I've already bought a book so far, but at least I finished reading it already!

    Tasha - you too!

    Emmie - I definately think it's a great time for decluttering! It makes me feel less stressed out as well.

    Literary Feline - Loved hearing about the old Chinese tradition! It was a Muslim friend who mentioned it before, so I think it's one of those things that crosses cultures and religion.

    Lisa - I really should do that as well. Sometimes I just think 'maybe I'll have more time after so and so happens' and then I never do. Hmm.

    Janet - tell me about it! I'll never have a tidy living room. Not until they've moved out of my house for good!

    Becca - you as well!

    GreenJello - seriously? Thousands? Wow.

    Hulla - I think that's the best way to be brought up. Despite the book stacks, I've never managed to finish a Gabriel Garcia Marquez book. Maybe 2009 will be that year!


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