Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Salon - Anticipation of a good book

The Sunday Salon.comThis week has been slightly weird, reading-wise. I finished my last book about a week ago (Double Cross by Malorie Blackman) and I finally got hold of a copy of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, which I've heard such great things about and I was really looking forward to it ... but I kept putting off reading it. I have no idea why. Was it the anticipation of it that I liked?I'm not normally the person who holds off on things to savour the moment. I'm usually the jump right in person. But with this, I waited. Was it because I knew I'd want to read it all in one sitting and knew I wouldn't be able to give it that kind of commitment? I'm not sure. And anyway, I'm loving the book. I think I love it even more after reading Neil Gaiman's Journal. Does everyone subscribe? You really must. I laugh at nearly every post. This is my third Gaiman so far, and now I'm trying to get my hands on American Gods and Neverwhere. I'm holding off on the graphic novels, because I'm still not sure graphic novels are really my thing. What about you?

Which author blogs do you read? When you find a great author, do you rush out and read everything they've ever written or savour their books one by one?


  1. I rush out and read everything they've ever written which is a lie because I never have the time. But I'll read what I can. Have a nice Sunday.

  2. I am yet to get The Graveyard Book.

    Here is my SS post

  3. I'm doing the same thing right now to Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling. I'm waiting for a decent moment.

    Neil Gaiman's Journal is pretty funny!His blog is the only author's blog I read.

  4. I really don't read authors' blogs, but I've heard good things about Gaiman's. As for reading everything by a new author I discover, I usually don't do that. I'd rather savour them over time. Mysteries, though, sometimes, I'll get on a roll and will read quite a few in a series one right after another.

    Speaking of Gaiman, I just finished American Gods. Of the two, I recommend Neverwhere. I've read Stardust, but liked the movie better.

  5. Hi

    I read Gaiman's blog, I love his books and find it fascinating to get an almost daily insight into his mind! I to discovered Gaiman a bit late (first book read was last June) and have now read 5! I haven't read any of his graphic novels yet but I think I will (probably after Anansi Boys, that's next on my list), I'm not normally into graphic novels but I have a feeling his are going to be good! Enjoy The Graveyard Book, it's my favourite of his so far.

  6. I generally don't read author blogs. I have a few blogs on my list written by people who happen to be authors, but I started reading them because of their other pursuits like knitting or podcasting.

    As for reading an author's entire catalog, I don't usually do that either. If I don't count series, then Tom Robbins is the only author whose work I sought out. That was years ago, though. I treat authors the same way I treat musicians: just because I like one album from a group doesn't mean that I feel compelled to listen to their entire discography. Many time I only like the one album or song. Because of this, I usually say that I like a certain book or song rather than saying I am a fan of a certain author or singer.


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