Monday, December 15, 2008

That Elusive Christmas Spirit

The tree is up, the Christmas songs are on. I've elfed myself and my family. The Christmas presents are all bought, the Christmas cards have been sent out. The Advent calendars are more than halfway finished. The decorations are up, the Christmas books are being read before bedtime.

And yet, I still don't feel it.

Even watching the X Factor finals this weekend didn't make me feel like Christmas is getting nearer. Yesterday, I put on my most Christmasy jumper - a cream jumper with a green snowflake bought from Gap years ago. I even tried baking yesterday. I pulled out my recipe for waffles and plan on making them sometime soon. What else can I do?

Maybe when N is off work from this Friday. Maybe when we finally take the boys to see Father Christmas. Maybe when the in-laws arrive. Maybe when we see The Room on the Broom next week. Maybe when we head off to our first toddler Christmas party. Maybe. I hope.


  1. I know how you feel.. I have not been able to get into the spirit of Christmas either. We can't really afford Christmas this year, so my tree looks naked without any presents under it. Last year it was full of presents.

    I've tried baking as well, I made som Christmasy cupcakes and made Christmas cookies this weekend. The cookies kept breaking before I could get them frosted. That didn't help boost my Christmas spirit..

    I hope you can find yours...

  2. The only thing that is making me feel at all festive is the Blog Advent Tour!

    I have put you down for the 21st! Thanks for signing up.

  3. What is it with this year?? Everyone is having a hard time. The economy? The war? Who knows? Whatever the case, it's rough. Hope you find your Christmas mojo soon!

  4. No, I totally have that! Have had 2 Christmas dinners with groups of friends & have a third tomorrow & still not feeling it...have done some presents & cards & a carol service but not there yet. Even Christmas shopping with the music playing in the mall hasn't worked...glad its not just me!!

  5. It's funny but I've been kind of the opposite this year. I'm feeling the spirit, but not the motivation to decorate or put the tree up. It's really strange.

  6. I just posted about this the other day. I had it, it went, and thankfully it is now back again. Snow and my impending time off is certainly doing a lot to help get me in the mood. As is watching Christmas movies, which we will be doing a bunch of this coming weekend. I hope today finds your Christmas spirit growing!


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