Thursday, January 08, 2009

Goodbye 2008

A bit late posting this one, but I figured I put all this work into it, I may as well post it anyway.

2008 was one of my best years ever. The final member of our family was born, the great day trips we took during the summer, Oldest growing into such a big boy that I'm so proud of. But it's easy to forget the small details that I've posted on this blog. I stole this idea from Kate... here's what I did in the last year, the highlights:

January - I panicked at the idea of a renewed contact with my mother but couldn't share the details of her package, waved goodbye to the last of Oldest's afternoon naps, and was treated terribly by so-called friends.

February - I contemplated my future(possible) career, pondered the implications of being a highschool dropout, took a walk down regret lane, and shared old photos of myself and my parents.

March - I celebrated Mothers Day, posted a dreadful photo of me plus bump, gave birth to a beautiful boy and adjusted to life with two boys.

April - I shared Littlest's birth story, was swept away by newborn fatigue, and wrote up a wish list about sleep.

May - I looked forward to the sunshine, realised I was a terrible judge of character, listed the 1001 Books To Read Before You Die, and had my car broken into.

June - discussed inner voices, played a literary game, tried to lose some weight, listed my fears, and took The Boy to Legoland.

July - read my first Paul Auster book, watched Oldest raise money for charity, did many summery things, went vegetarian, read my second and third Paul Auster books, turned 26, took Oldest for his first (and only) haircut

August - Sees me being swept away in the Gilmore Girls, celebrated my moving-to-England anniversary, finished Breaking Dawn, starting driving again, had Littlest christened, posted a photo of my handwriting,

September - Organised a return to university, pondered my kids' accents, saw some monster trucks, answered a difficult question and was struck down by the lurg

October - I laughed at the things Oldest says, decided to run a 10k!, remembered an important event in my childhood sadly, cherished the small moments, and dressed the boys up for Halloween.

November - I lost my voice, saw beautiful fireworks, had a pregnancy scare, organised my lifelong list of goals, read an emotionally powerful book, participated in BlogSecret, made a very personal secret known, Oldest turned 3.

In December, I celebrated my wedding anniversary, shared some OCDish facts about myself, discussed racism, and went a little crazy over Christmas.

My goals for 2009? Get through my first university course, celebrate Littlest's 1st birthday, run a 10k, continue blogging, stay positive. Wish me luck and thank you all for making 2008 so enjoyable!


  1. I saw this on kates blog too :o) I love your plans for this year, nice and simple and easy to achieve :) I wish you all the best x

  2. Good luck!

    I was a late comer to the Gilmore Girls too. I miss it being on now.

    Btw, I gave you an award on my blog.

  3. Emmie - That's what I was going for, simple and achievable!

    Chris - I just watched the last episode of The Gilmore Girls last week. I will admit to crying :(
    And thank you for my award!


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