Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I was once in the paper, I have proof.

All right. Weeks ago egan asked me to elaborate about some of the the things I've done. One of which being:

84. Had my picture in the newspaper

And here you are. Proof. Taken from my 1998 Crew Journal from my stint in the Northwest Youth Corps, I was interviewed by the Register Guard about the work NYC were doing on one of the islands that EWEB owned called 'Goat Island.' I'm in the picture on the second page on the far right. I was laying on the ground eating an orange and wearing those horrible straps that kept my glasses on my face. Please don't click on the picture to make it any larger. I won't type out the interview because at just-turned-16 I was horribly dorky. As shown by my dorky glasses strap. Obviously.


  1. Cool! At least this was more worthwhile than when I appeared in the paper - I was on the front cover of the Today newspaper queuing to get into a football match where there was a bomb scare. I think I still have it somewhere....

  2. how great!! nothign at all dorky about it! Your like... famouse!

  3. I remember when you did this! I missed you a lot that summer.. I didn't have any one else to hang out with..


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