Friday, January 23, 2009

My Wizard of Oz collection

Here's my other collection that I forgot I had until a few weeks ago when I pulled out all my donkeys. N bought them for my birthday years ago. I always wanted to make little stands for them and display them somewhere. If only I had enough space in my house! Imagine a house big enough for all of my books and donkeys and weird Wizard of Oz dolls and the kids' toys and everything!

Looking at these Wizard of Oz dolls makes me feel like watching the movie, or at least listening to the Soundtrack again...

Do you have a favourite Wizard of Oz character?

Judy Garland Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Funny blooper videos are here


  1. Love your collection! I love love love The Wizard of Oz.


  2. You have no idea how jealous I am a the moment.

  3. Wonderful collection, they do deserve being on display :)

    As for my fave wizard of oz charater, I am not too sure... I may have to watch again and decide!!!

    I love this movie!! I need to watch it with my two one day, I am sure sunshine would love it :)

  4. The cowardly lion - he was my fave! I had one just like him, but now its looking old and missing an eye and his nose! I have a book somewhere about the making of the film. I got it in Disney about 10years ago. It is a fabulous book, I just wish I remembered where I put it!

  5. Thanks for posting over at Read ALoud Thursday!

    The Giraffes Can't Dance book sounds particularly delightful! : )

  6. I always loved the lion as a kid! I remember in 7th grade I think, we did the wizaard of oz play and I was one of the munchkins.. also at an acting class I got to play the part of toto.. I was in the bathroom when they handed out the parts and got stuck with toto, but I made the best damn toto ever!

  7. I loved loved LOVED the Oz books as a kid. I wanted to be Dorothy. Or one of the witches. Or any of the main characters at the time.

    I just wanted to live in Oz.

  8. so fun! i love wizard of oz stuff!

  9. Wow, great collection!

    Funny, I was just thinking about the Wizard of Oz yesterday. When I was a sophomore in high school, I tried out for the school play. I wanted to be Glinda the Good Witch. I think she's my favorite character. But for the play, I ended up being one of the people of the Emerald City. I had to wear a green dress and go out into the audience and sing, "That's how we laugh the day away in the merry old land of Oz."

  10. My brother's ex girlfriend collected Wizard of the Oz stuff.

    She was addicted to drugs.

    I'm praying for you.


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