Monday, February 02, 2009

25 Random Things

Good lord, is this all over the place at the moment. (this is copied directly from my Facebook page)

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you. (To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

1. I just downloaded a pdf file for a Harlequin romance, even though they're really not my thing, except I couldn't pass up a free book.

2. Even if it's one I'll probably only skim. Or not read at all.

3. 7 out of the 10 books I read this month were children's books and I've realised that I read about three children's books to every adult book even though if you ask me which are my favourites I'll always say that it's the adult books.

4. I love that it snowed, it's very pretty. But I'm also a little annoyed that everything on my to-do list has been put on hold or pushed until after-snow. (taking Elliot for a haircut, going to the library, visiting the fire station)

5. All this month I've been running. I've loved almost all of it. Especially now that I have my new iPod. It turns out, I like listening to music because it drowns out my inner voice which is constant and neverending. It's overwhelming sometimes.

6. For about a week I really enjoyed not watching as much TV but then Lost and 24 came on, we started catching up on episodes of Ugly Betty we missed, there's a whole season of Friday Night Lights to see, not to mention Brothers and Sisters and ER. I feel like a slave to my sky+ sometimes.

7. I have such a crush on Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights. I'm sad the series isn't continuing.

8. It was such a difficult transition to start my university course. I kept getting confused with the big words that were being used in my textbooks. I had to keep telling myself again and again 'you can do this, you can do this' to get through the first week. A month later, I still find myself confused and a little out of my depth.

9. The tutorials I go to for the course are far away. The thought of driving there most Tuesday nights made me breakdown into a fit of crying over the weekend. Sometimes I can't stand how emotional I am.

10. I'm trying to cut down on my comfort eating. My dad is visiting in March and he asked me if there was anything I wanted from America. I was so tempted to ask for huge bags of all the American sweets that I crave and can't get here. I am so impressed (and horrified) that I only asked for one thing. (mini Tootsie Rolls)

11. I've been feeling nostalgic lately. For holidays we've taken, for high school and the friends I had there, working at Books Etc. If I was honest with myself I'd realise is that what I'm really feeling is lonely.

12. I've been going to toddler groups with Elliot (and now Joshua) for nearly two years and I see mostly the same women there. I know their faces but very few names. I feel like it's too late to introduce myself this late in the game. I thought it'd be different when I started taking Elliot to pre-school. It's worse. Everyone is either stand-offish or clique-ish. It's maddening.

13. We're planning Joshua's first birthday party at the moment. I still think of Joshua as younger than he is. It's a little sad that he's no longer a baby.

14. I love getting packages in the post. I've had two emails this week and a phone call that have made me think that there are possibly three packages coming my way. (weeeeeee) The postman just dropped off a package just this instant. It wasn't for me.

15. I have the doorbell chime set to play 'Oh Susannah' when someone presses the doorbell, but it's rather annoying, so I've switched it to play 'God Save the Queen' because I think it's funny.

16. It's taken me longer than it should to write this list. I feel a little under pressure to make this thing as interesting as some of the other lists I've read. Why do I do this to myself? And how do people just write the first things that come to mind?

17. I'd be farther along on this list if I didn't keep deleting them. So far I've deleted two that are too embarassing and disregarded a few more for being not interesting enough.

18. I'm still deciding whether or not I want to take Elliot to pre-school in this snow. If he goes, I'll be able to sit on the sofa and read my book (Fingersmith by Sarah Waters) but I'll have to change out of my pyjamas.

19. I can't think of a single strong female role model that I've had growing up.

20. I'm glad I didn't have girl children, I'd hate the idea of them having me as a role model. I'd worry every single day about their self-esteem.

21. In over 8 years, my mother in law has never heard me swear. Until last week when I picked her up and was driving her back to my place. I stalled the car and probably said the F word. She told my sister-in-law I've been 'learning four letter words' That makes me laugh. (I swear all the time, people)

22. People think I'm nicer than I am. It's annoyed me a lot over the years but I find sometimes it's easier to go along with people's expectations of me.

23. I doubt I will ever live in the United States again. I feel like me living there was a lifetime ago and I've been living a different, better life since I left.

24. I really want a dog. I've wanted a dog since I moved here, and even though now probably isn't the greatest time to get one with children commitments and my studying, I still want one.

25. I'll be thinking about this list all week thinking of other things I should have added/not written about. I will become obsessed with this list.

I've tagged people on FB but feel free to play along...


  1. I have been tagged twice now on facebook for this.. I still have not done it.. Maybe later this week..

  2. Your list WAS interesting, Michelle. I saw some images of the snow over there on the news and it did look very pretty :)

    I can relate to the loneliness, and to the making excuses to avoid admitting that lonely is what you actually are feeling.

  3. ive seen this around fb too--- i did one last week.

    i hear you on the comfort eating. im trying to curb that. there's something about a cold night that just makes me want to snuggle up with LOST, some wine, and some yummy comfort food.

  4. I got tagged yesterday by a friend on FB for this same one. :)

  5. That'll be my third tag...suppose I'd better do this list!

    I so agree with #25 (and quite a few others too).

    Hope you guys are all feeling better now. xx

  6. While a dog is very handy around a toddler (even the Pirate knows to just let Scout in to clean up spills), it is SO MUCH WORK.

    I'm sorry you're lonely. I wish I had more local friends.

  7. Lisa - If I think about it in more depth, I don't really want all that extra work. I just always loved having a dog around.

    Kate - I've been tagged so many times it was hard to ignore it :( We are all better, thanks.

    sleepyjane - it definately has been going around!

    brookem - I'm finding it very difficult to resist comfort eating. I have some good days and a lot of bad days.

    Nymeth - thanks. I tried :)

    Becca - take your time, no rush.


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