Awesome Women

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Favourite authors from my childhood

Famous women who have struggled with mental illness

Sidney Bristow

Hermione, Ginny and Luna

Authors of fairy tale retellings 

Buffy, Faith and Willow 

Middle grade heroines

Maggie Stiefvater

Jenny Valentine

Guest posts

Anita Roddick by Janette from 40 Things to Do Before I'm 40

Beatrix Potter by Jessica from Park Benches and Bookends

Growing up under Margaret Thatcher by Rachel Cotterill 

Heroines of Jane Austen by Sophie from So Many Books, So Little Time

Kate Bush by Paula Rawsthorne

Interviews with bloggers

Vivienne from Serendipity

Jo from Once Upon A Bookcase

Laura from Sister Spooky: Book Fangirl

Raimy from Readaraptor

Suey from It's All About Books

Becca from The Watson Kitchen

Jenni from Juniper's Jungle

Becky from The Bookette

Sya from The Mountains of Instead

Kirsty from The Overflowing Library

Nayuleska from Nayu's Reading Corner

Susan from SusanKMann

Interviews with authors

Hayley Long

Celia Rees

Zoe Marriott 

ML Welsh

Savita Kalhan

Keren David

Lauren Kate

Bryony Pearce

Keren David

Lauren Kate

Bryony Pearce

Miriam Halahmy 

Katie Dale 

Dave Cousins

Stephanie Burgis

Sara Grant 

The origins of this feature

Read the original blog post that kicked off Awesome women

Growing up, I never really considered myself to have a role model.  My parents divorced when I was quite young and I was brought up by my single father.  We didn't have very close relationships with any of our other family, it became just my dad, older brother and me.

I really struggled as a teenager with my appearance.  I had an eating disorder and lots of issues with confidence.  I really didn't cope very well and I didn't feel as though I had someone around me to reassure me that I was doing OK, that I looked OK or that I should stand up for myself or not let people treat me a certain way.  I didn't have a role model then and even though I'm quite a bit older now, this need for role models hasn't left me.

So my Awesome Women feature is really my way of capturing something that I lost growing up.  A respect for other strong, caring and intelligent women.  And I think we all are awesome and need to spend some time appreciating the women in my life and in our lives.  

Because a lot of my time is spent blogging and reading, a lot of the Awesome Women posts will be concerned with other bloggers, authors or fictional characters, but I would also like to share with you posts about historical women, women involved in science and the arts.  The environment, human rights, the entertainment industry and politicians and athletes.  All women that I wish I'd been more aware of during crucial periods of my life.

If you would like to be involved at all, either by answering some of my interview questions or by providing me with a guest post about a particular woman or women that have been an influence in your life, real or fictional, please do let me know.  (I'm afraid I will not be excepting any guest posts concerning family members/personal friends though)

Please do email me at: flutteringbutterfliesblog (at) googlemail (dot) com

The interview questions:

Can you tell me a little something about yourself?

Did you have a role model growing up?

Who do you look up to now?

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Tell me something about the women in your life who have been an influence on you?

Who is your favourite fictional character? And why?

Is there a fictional character that reminds you of you?  And if you could choose to be best friends with a fictional character, who would it be?

What were you like as a teenager and how did you cope with all the changes that occurred?

Which book would you say that every teenager should read and why?

If you had any advice for yourself as a teenager, what would you say?

If you could choose to have a girly sleepover with any fictional characters, who would you choose?

Of the issues and concerns that women are faced with today, what's the area you most like reading/writing  about?

Is there anything else you'd like to add?