Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Elliot to the family friend/plumber who came over to look at our radiators:

Here is my room! Here is my bed! Here is my teddy! Here is my books and my garage! Here is my wardrobe... here is my curtains! ....

(this carries on for a few minutes, until finally)

Elliot to FF/P:

Here is my toothbrush! And my toothpaste!

At which point, Elliot unscrews the toothpaste lid and shows the poor man his toothpaste and I had to step in and usher Elliot into a different room of the house because, seriously, child? Your toothbrush?


  1. Very cute! Gotta love what kids say and do, right?!

  2. He is so proud of his stuff...so sweet.

  3. So funny - he is so proud of all the things you give him.

  4. Aren't they the funniest??? You've got to remember to write this stuff down for them to laugh over when they have their own kids someday.

    My 3 year old son recently asked his grandma where "her daddy" is.

    Grandma: "My daddy died. He's in heaven."

    Kid: "Oh." long pause "My daddy died too."

    His father, who was watching football on the couch at the time yelled, "I'm not dead! I'm right here!"

    Kid: "Daddy! YOU'RE ALIVE!!!!!"

    Makes you wonder sometimes, eh? :)

  5. thats adorable!!! :) Genny has certainly never showed off her toothbrush.

  6. I know what you mean ... but this stage is really so cute!

  7. You never know. That plumber might have gotten up that day and pledged to jump off a building unless someone took the time to share their toothbrush and toothpaste.

    In which case, Elliot just saved his life.

    You really do have to keep stories like that written down, and I don't think blogging quite counts :-)

  8. Hillary - I think your scenario is probably unlikely! I do write these things down. Both children have their own notebooks where I write about the funny/sweet things they've done.

    Damselfly - There's definately fun moments!

    Misty - I'd hope not, for your sake. It was a little embarassing!

    Michele - That's the funniest story I've heard in a LONG time!

    GreenJello - definately.

    Tasha and Scrap Girl - I'm glad people thought of it that way and not that my kid was so lonely and starved of attention he started listing random things in the house.

    Becca - Yes, I do. He comes up with some crazy things though!


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