Sunday, March 08, 2009

Day Out With Thomas

Over the weekend, we went to see Thomas the Tank Engine at Didcot Railway Centre. Elliot is mad about trains at the moment. His love for Thomas might even surpass his love for Lightning McQueen.

He amazes me with how much information he's picked up from watching the show and reading the books. He knows about steam and funnels and coupling rods and signals.

I was a little worried that he would be a little overwhelmed by seeing such large engines in person, like he was when we 'met' Lightning McQueen, Mack, Sally and Mater (did I ever tell you about that one?) but he wasn't. He had a silly little smile on his face when he saw Thomas and Duck and Percy and Diesel (see, I know their names too)!

We really had a great day. It was nice to have us all together, the weather was great. Even Joshua had a fantastic time. He's such a lovely little boy and he's no fuss at all when we take him places, even when his sleeping and feeding schedules are all mixed up.

I really hope that we've given Elliot some wonderful memories and that he'll be talking about this for a long time to come...


  1. My friend took her little boy to see Thomas this weekend too!

    My little boys love trains! They spend hours playing with their trainset. They are going through a Chugginton stage at the moment. I much prefer it to Thomas - Thomas always seems to be crashing, and concentrating on being really useful! Do your boys like Chugginton?

  2. hOW FANTASTIC! They had this near us recently too although I couldn't make it as traveling there was a huge issue for me :( It looks greta fun though, I will have to make more effort next time! x

  3. Sounds great. I'm sure Elliot will remember all the great things you guys did.

  4. That's fabulous. Looks like you all had a brilliant day out. Those memories will stay with you forever.

  5. That's fabulous. Looks like you all had a brilliant day out. Those memories will stay with you forever.

  6. I love that last picture.

    I can't STAND Thomas. TOE-maas.

  7. That is so cool! I want to go see Thomas now! I've never seen one that was that size before. Lucky boys!

  8. My kids love Thomas - my daughter age 6 not so much now, but the littlest, age 4, is as much a Thomas fan as ever! He would love to go to this, but it's so popular over here that Thomas is mobbed so we haven't been able to really get to it. Great photos of your kids, too!they look so happy :-D


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