Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wisdom of Angela Chase

I loved the series, My So-Called Life. With a passion. I watched it every single time it was reshown on TV. I bought the DVDs and I totally want to re-watch them all again very soon. Ican't believe that it was way back in 1994 that this show aired. 15 years ago, seriously?

Angela Chase, so wise. She gave a voice to all of the random thoughts in my head and I remembered watching the show thinking 'YES! Exactly.' And I think I will always have a crush on Jordan Catalano. Always. So when someone lovely posted the link to the video of the collected wisdom of Angela Chase, I had to share it. God, the memories that brought back. Afterwards, I even looked up all the memorable quotes on it's IMDb page because the show is just so fantastic and I had to have more. You saw My So-Called Life, right? And loved it? It's just not me? Even if it is, this show will always have a spot in my all-time favourite TV shows.

What would be on your list?


  1. Hello Michelle. I am a big fan of Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick. You are probably too young to remember "thirtysomething" which was on ABC in the USA and Channel 4 here (1987-91), and about to released on DVD. After "My So-Called Life", they also did "Once and Again" which was shown here on a channel called ABC-1 or something similar. All these series are beautifully made, with great writing.
    They were also involved with the films "Traffic" and "Blood Diamonds", neither of which I have seen yet.

  2. Sadly mine would have Beverly Hills 90210 which hubby has been buying me on DVD. I am rewatching series 4. Also Fame - really showing my age now.

  3. I watched (and loved) every one of the 8 minutes in this video!! I loved loved LOVED this show. I was supposed to marry Jordan. And I really wanted to be best friends with Angela. She was so much like me, or what I wanted to be like, or what I thought I should be like.

  4. pierre - I was too young to appreciate thirtysomething when it was on, but my dad watched it. I don't remember it. I haven't seen any of the other projects you mentioned.

    Vivienne - Fame? Was that a TV programme? Am I showing *my* age? :) Also, Beverly Hills, 90210?! :) I'd like to laugh, but I did watch it as well. Until they put it up against Party of Five. POF won.

    Kaylen - I totally thought I would make a great best friend for Angela as well. I was/wanted to be/aspired to be her as well. And I heart Jordan Catalano. Now. Forever.


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