Monday, July 13, 2009


Yesterday was one of those lazy days where we didn't have anything planned, so we just went with the flow...

We woke up kind of late, Oldest suggested we go out for breakfast. Hmm, good idea, little boy. Off we went, had a nice breakfast. We ended up at a large shopping centre and stayed around shopping for a dress to wear to a friend's wedding. Didn't find anything. My (beautiful) mother in law offered to look after the boys for a few hours, so N and I decided to go to the cinema. We made it just in time to sneak into a showing of Public Enemies. It was all right.

Then we went to pick up the boys only to find Oldest passed out on the sofa with a scorching fever. He also has a sore throat and a cough and is eating less food than normal. According to the NHS regarding swine flu:

The typical symptoms are:
  • sudden fever, and
  • sudden cough.

Other symptoms may include:

  • headache,
  • tiredness,
  • chills,
  • aching muscles,
  • limb or joint pain,
  • diarrhoea or stomach upset,
  • sore throat,
  • runny nose,
  • sneezing, and
  • loss of appetite.
So we're waiting for someone at the doctor's surgery to phone us back. Let's hope it's not swine flu. Or, if it is, that it goes away as quickly as it appeared.


  1. I don't think they're swabbing for swine flu any more so you may not find out for certain. It doesn't sound worse than normal flu anyway, not that that's much comfort to him... Hope he recovers soon without passing it to you.

  2. Not such a great end to a very nice flowy day, huh? Poor little guy. As if the flu isn't unpleasant enough, without all this big picture stuff to worry about. Hope he is on the mend quickly!

  3. I do hope he is OK. I am absolutely panicking over this one, as I have asthma and it is meant to be worse for people with breathing difficulties!

  4. Poor Elliot! How's Joshua?

    Also, can I borrow your mother-in-law? How much would I love to be able to drop my boys off with my mom on occasion. My m-i-l isn't so useful. She's nice, but she's not so much for impromptu baby watching.

  5. I think I had swine flu last week, but I'll never know for sure. The doctor thinks it is very likely though.

    We all had sore throats so bad we could barely swallow, but the rest of the flu wasn't as bad as ones I've had in the past. We all just took paracetomol/calpol and were OK, apart from the sore throat in about 3 days.

    Most cases of swine flu are quite mild and nothing to worry about. Get lots of rest and try not to worry.

  6. I am so sad that PE is "just alright"... I keep hearing that.

    Poor Elliot! Bless his heart..

  7. Hope you're all okay, Michelle. x

  8. Hope you have heard some good news and your little fellow is ok. Whether it's swine flu or normal flu, rest & lots of TLC is called for.
    Swine flu is rampant in Australia right now, and it certainly is a scary time when young ones get sick so quickly but fingers crossed that all is ok for your family!

  9. Oh no! Hope it not and all is ok
    hugs xoxox


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