Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oldest Reads: No More Eee-Orrh!

Well, Hunky Donkey's eee-orrh went away. And then he had to go to hospital and he had to go to bed. Then his neighbours said we'll visit Hunky Donkey together. And then they saw him at the hospital. Then they heard the racket. Eee-orrh! Eee-orrh! Eee-orrh! was what Hunky Donkey said. And everyone at the hospital was pleased Hunky Donkey was going home too.

OK. I admit it. I love this book with every fibre of my being. Lydia Monks drew the cutest illustrations for everything in this book but then used actual photographs of donkey fur and put that into the shape of a donkey cartoon. I think it's brilliantly done. Maybe you need to see the result to actually know what I mean? But I just love donkeys, always have done. Also? The donkey's name in this book is 'Dickey Donkey.' I have no idea why Oldest calls him 'Hunky Donkey' but once he started, N and I carried it on. It makes me giggle. More than normal, I mean. Not the best selection for a bedtime story, as Oldest always gets a little carried away with shouting 'eee-orrh!' but still a firm favourite in this household.


  1. I can just hear it now. "Ee-orh!" in a loud donkey voice, emulating a "Hee-haw" sound effect! Cute!

  2. It is pretty cute :) We have to be careful not to read it after Joshua has gone to bed though!


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