Monday, August 10, 2009


Oh the trauma. Do you remember back in January when I discussed seeing a movie for the first time at the cinema? Well, I finally did it. I took Oldest to see a film at the cinema.

He was quite excited about it, we bought a big bag of popcorn. I took your advice and went to a showing specifically for children. We found a couple of aisle seats incase he needed the toilet during the show. He was happily pointing things out and seemed happy enough to sit still. I said something about how the lights would be going off when the film started and he seemed to be a little afraid. I should have realised then that would end badly.

My mistake was that I didn't think things through properly. Of course he wasn't going to be used to the dark cinema. Of course he was going to be frightened by the louder sound system. And yes, of course he was going to be frightened of both the MONSTERS and the ALIENS.

What did we see at the cinema, you ask? Monsters vs Aliens? No, not seriously with a sensitive three year old? Yes, yes, I did. And it may have traumatised poor Oldest. At one point he was actually shaking with fear. He kept saying 'Mommy, I'm scared' and 'Mommy, I want to leave. I don't like this movie' Until, finally, we left. I had no choice, he was hiding behind my arm.

He is a sweet boy though. Even though he was petrified about the whole thing, as left the cinema do you know what he said to me? 'Thank you for taking me to the cinema, Mommy.' Isn't that the sweetest thing ever? I take him into this uncomfortable and scary place and he still thanks me for the experience. If I don't say it enough, I really love you, Oldest.

Scary or what?


  1. Oh bless. Poor Elliot. He will get used to it. I can't remember the first time I took the girls, but I very rarely take them as they never sit still and they are now nine. I wait till the film comes out on DVD now.

  2. Poor Baby! I remember when I took my little girl to her first. We went to see 'Up'. Around the middle of the movie she looks at me and says "This movie is taking too long!" So cute!

  3. That is absolutely precious. Children are such wonderful creatures and we, as adults, can learn so much from them. It really struck me that he thanked you *for the experience*, even though is was slightly traumatic.

    How many experiences do we have that we cower from and cry about only to say "thank goodness that's over with" when it's done rather than "wow, I'm a stronger person because of that...thank you [insert higher power here]." True wisdom indeed.

    By the way, Elliot is absolutely adorable.

  4. If it makes you feel better, when I was four I visited the movie theater for the first time with a friend of my mom's, and her daughter. The movie was Snow White. I remember (to this day) hiding behind my mom's friend's hair.

    But I grew up to enjoy watching movies, particularly in theaters, so there's hope for Elliot :-)

  5. Hillary - Thank you for that good news :) I'm not worried. Elliot is already excited to go to the cinema again, but he says 'this time, no scary movie!'

    Ann-Kat - welcome to my blog, thanks for commenting! And yes, I think there is much to learn from little children. Elliot is indeed, very wise. And adorable? I won't argue with you there! :)

    Debbie - Oh, I love it! Actually does that in church :) He says 'is it time to leave now?' in a really loud voice when we're only standing to sing or something.

    Vivienne - I think you're onto something there. He might not be ready just yet. But he can sit through movies at home just fine. At least he has toys there if he's not interested (and that means *I* can finish the film and know how it ends!)

  6. Oh dear I wouldn't even think that was scary at all poor Elliot.
    One of the fist thigns I saw was fox and the hound and I swear that traumatised me, I still well up when I think about it, how could the hound betray Todd like that, why Disney why!
    I'm sure Elliot will have monster vs Aliens as his favorite movie by the time he's 5.

  7. Shadowfalcon - We haven't yet watched The Fox and the Hound. I'd like to soon, just to find out Elliot's reaction to it!


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