Saturday, August 08, 2009

Oldest Reads: You're All My Favourites

You're All My Favourites by Sam McBratney

The beginning was about three baby bears going to sleep. The bears wanted to know they Mommy and Daddy's favourite. And it was all three of the baby bears.

I love how Oldest will get right to the point. No extras, just the facts. This picture book is by the same author as Guess How Much I Love You. Both are favourites in our house. The other morning (I think, as I was still half-asleep) Oldest asked me if Littlest was my favourite boy. He was quite sad about it, and I said, quite similarly to this book, that Oldest is my favourite oldest son and that Littlest is my favourite youngest son.

I hope you enjoy this new feature. I love the idea of doing a Mommy/Son book club, but he's 3. It might have to wait for a few years. Until then, I will bring you Oldest's mini-book reports. What do you think?


  1. I love the idea of the mini book reports- too cute!

  2. i love that idea too! Genny and I have a mommy/daughter book club- but she's older too. So it's different. I love your idea, I love this feature. (I LOVE that book!!!)

  3. Ladies - more soon. Love that a modest number of people enjoyed Elliot's little review :)


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