Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Stuff on my head Part 4

Oh I'm having so much fun with this stuff on my head. I even went up to the loft to pull out all of my silly hats that I've collected over the years. Those are still to come!

It's got me thinking of all the other fun things that grown-ups stop doing when they get older. This is a partial list. Feel free to add anything to it. These things just remind me of having fun as a child and I'm on a mission to incorporate a lot of these activities into my daily life.

Flying a kite
Finger painting
Twirling until you're dizzy
Jumping on the bed
Water balloon fights
Making (and eating) Rice Krispie treats
Picking blackberries
Making paper chains
Watching Saturday morning cartoons
Running through the sprinkler
Going camping and making s'mores and swimming in the lake
Spend an entire day reading in bed
Family game nights with board/card games

There are others, but they're more specific to my childhood. My brother and I would wash cars for neighbours to make money or collect cans and return them to grocery stores for the deposit, our family would go on long walks in the country with the dog, we'd go on long road trips and sing along to the radio, I used to write stories.

What reminds you fun in your childhood?

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  1. You might want to get on the blackberry picking now since they're in season!


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